Advantages billing portal

The big advantages of the IBW billing portal are the clearly arranged user interfaces, short training times (max. 30 min.), easy usability and absolute transparency!

The IBW billing portal is installed on a web server and is immediately available to all registered users worldwide. Necessary installations, processes and configurations of clients as well as the maintenance of operating systems are not necessary, because they can be maintained centrally for all users by the client.

In engineering/planning

  • The creation of a planning allowance can be carried out location-independent at any time.
  • Optionally, items can also be transferred from other applications (e.g. MTO's/Bill of Materials) by means of an interface.

For the billing of external services

  • The creation of measurements and the measurements submitted for checking can also be carried out location-independently.
  • Performance verification fast, partially automated, secure, timely

To use the IBW billing portal, all you need is a standard web browser with an Internet connection that is independent of devices and operating systems.

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Flexibility is a feature of our software

Only one installation, one administration, immediately available company-wide! The billing portal offers a standard that can be adapted to customer-specific processes and requirements at any time.

This includes, for example, the connection to software systems such as SAP (credit memo procedure), but also individual connectors to other software systems or material catalogs are possible including the necessary adjustments in the billing portal. Talk to us...

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