Our Services provided

Our services contain for example the developement of standard service catalogues, accompanying engineering and survey during construction phase, measurement controlling and accounting, cost controlling including the necessary documentation.

We cooperate with specialists working in the sectors of sales and distribution, process enhancement, interim management and IT. In this combination we recognize and open potentials unused so far. The basic approach is always the same - „as simple and comprehensible as possible“. It is always our ultimate goal to make us superfluous as soon as possible. A long-term cooperation is not excluded but comes as the result usually. 

Since 1991 our software is used by well-known companies working on plant construction. All team members may revert to a solid well-founded education and long-termed professional experiences. Due to the many years of experience of our team members in the various fields of economic branches we can relate to a
broad skill and knowledge base.

Our experiences result from a plurality of projects in plant engineering, petrochemical industry, power plant construction, beverage industry, energy supply, structural engineering, production companies and a lot of other branches.