Measurement accounting in plant engineering and construction in practice

Outsourced outsourcing has the advantage of cost security, that is, no additional costs against hourly, fixed-price or supplementary settlements. On the basis of a current standard performance list, the client has both the billing of external services and own planning under control. Performance calculation in measurement according to company-specific measurement guidelines offer no scope for misinterpretations.

For example, all the trades shown here can be billed optimally according to measurements

All information and documents for a settlement

The IBW accounting portal offers the user the possibility to attach all necessary documents to a measurement. I.e. in order to obtain the most complete information possible on an oversize measurement, all documents can be attached to an oversize measurement, starting from drawings, photos and work orders up to handwritten documents.

These options also offer the possibility to document the listed and invoiced work in detail afterwards, which can also be used for future projects or inspection runs.