The accountment following the measurements on site is focussing on optimising of the accounting procedures with the subcontractors and bring down the costs tremendously. In addition, the accounting by measurement open the options of pre- and post calculation. 

Generally the measurement accounting in plant engineering and construction is veritably an optimal solution for all lots. Maintenance and repair or new venture - the works of every single lot are calculable and comprehensible.

Services depending on measurement guarantee a retraceable and cost-effective accounting of works or service deliveries. The fundaments of a measurement accounting are Standard Service Catalogues (StSC) define the achievement exactly and list the fees and the operation hours values. 

Especially the advantages of measurement accounting for customers and clients are obvious concerning the Standard Service Catalogues. Fully developed service catalogues contain all occuring operations of the different lots. We offer all current service catalogues for all frequent lots in plant engineering and construction. 

As a significant matter of fact all posts determined in the indices provide a well based instrument for generating precalculations, developing submissions and drawing up accounts. 

In case standard service catalogues are missing, we are able to provide complete standard service catalogues for all lots or to adapt the catalogues to the customers requirements. Depending on every single lot, our standard service catalogues are available with oder without fees and working hours data. 

The IBW measurement internet portal - a convenient measurement online service for all lots and all standard service catalogues in plant engineering and construction. Based on modern web technology customers and contractors use a uniform operating system without client installations.


+ automation and simplification of measurement recording
+ transfer of service catalogues by existing software and data bases
+ online measurement developing based on service catalogue deposit
+ check and clearance workflow between customers and contractors
+ optional automatic credit memo procedure out of SAP and other enterprise research planning systems
+ input and check from every internet connected location

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