The transfer of content and values (operation hours or fees) out of the service catalogues deposit allows a comfortable online recording of measurements. These are at the customer‘s and his controlling online disposal immediately. Following the checks there will be an automatic credit memo procedure, directly out of the enterprise research planning system (for example SAP) or the customer‘s release of the measurements for invoicing to the contractor.

By commitment of the IBW-measurement internet portal the potentials of optimizing on accounting with standard service catalogues will be realized exemplary. The customer may check the accurate accounting of the services on line at any time.

Optional this controlling can be done automatically. The video offers more details on our measurement platform technology. 

Measurement Invoicing on the basis of standard service specifications

One portal for all trades and standard service specifications. Required front-/backend processes, configuration of software at clients as well as the maintenance of partners and contracts are omitted or maintained centrally for all users. In the following video we show you the advantages of a service billing according to standard service specifications with the IBW billing portal.

Flexibilität ist ein Merkmal unserer Software

Das Abrechnungsportal bietet einen Standard, der jederzeit an kundenspezifische Abläufe und Anforderungen angepasst werden kann.

Dazu gehört z. B. die Anbindung an Softwaresysteme wie SAP (Gutschriftverfahren), aber auch individuelle Konnektoren zu anderen Softwaresystemen oder Material-Katalogen sind möglich einschließlich der erforderlichen Anpassungen im Abrechnungsportal. Sprechen Sie uns an...