Know the costs of external services in engineering before the contract is awarded!

In common practice, engineering plans are handed over to an external service provider for installation after contract negotiations. D. H. Normally, the external service costs are calculated by the planner on the basis of empirical values and handed over to a framework agreement partner for installation at the hourly rate specified in the contract. The resulting disadvantages for a client are, on the one hand, the direct settlement of accounts or fixed price and, on the other hand, the incalculability of additional claims.

The IBW planning module is based on the use of standard service specifications (StdLV) and looks as follows:

  • The items from the engineering are entered in the planning module, which supplies the working times and thus also the costs through the stored StdLV.

  • The more exact the engineering is for the execution of the planning, the more efficiently the required budget can be determined.

  • When awarding contracts to framework agreement partners, the project department can now already appear with an exactly calculated figure and work towards an optimal pricing.

Likewise unit prices can be adjusted and/or calculated at any time with the StdLV of the client. On this basis, tenders can of course also be carried out with external companies and framework contract partners.

Conclusion: sustainable cost and effort optimization and absolute transparency!

Create a special project specification from a planning according to standard service specifications

Without doubt, planning projects or maintenance on the basis of service specifications offers enormous advantages. The planning module in the IBW accounting portal has meanwhile become an indispensable tool and can be used by both the client and the contractor, depending on the configuration by the administrator. We have extended the module in such a way that a planner (client) can generate a project specification based on the planning from any planning survey if required.

Thus, at the push of a button, a project-specific bill of quantities can be generated from the complete standard bill of quantities with e.g. 2500 or more items, with the only required items. In addition, the project specifications are based on the planned quantities as well as the stored prices, which in turn provides costing certainty for the client.

From planning according to standard service specifications to tendering

The awarding of contracts for external services or deliveries by the client (internal or external) on the basis of a standard service specification is absolutely advantageous for clients. At the request of the users of our billing portal (clients as well as contractors), we have added another feature to the planning area. For tenders, not only a project specification can be created, but also a tender measurement with the service description and the actual quantity structure can be created at the push of a button from each planning created by the authorized user.

For day-to-day business and projects, the new module has been developed as a so-called basic module, i.e. any customer requirements such as special bidder management (internal or external) etc. can be easily added or adapted as required.