Planungsaufmaß >>> Standardleistungsverzeichnis zum Projekt >>> Ausschreibung

Aus einer Planung nach Standardleistungsverzeichnis ein spezielles Projekt-LV erstellen

Planungen bei Projekten oder in der Instandhaltung auf Basis eines Leistungsverzeichnisses bieten ohne Zweifel enorme Vorteile. Das Planungsmodul im IBW-Abrechnungsportal ist mittlerweile ein unentbehrliches Werkzeug geworden und kann je nach Konfiguration durch den Administrator vom Auftraggeber als auch vom Auftragnehmer verwendet werden. Wir haben das Modul dahingehend erweitert, dass ein Planer (Auftraggeber) aus einem beliebigen Planungsaufmaß bei Bedarf ein Projekt-LV auf Basis der Planung generieren kann.

So kann auf Knopfdruck aus dem kompletten Standardleistungsverzeichnis mit z. B. 2500 oder mehr Positionen, ein projektspezifisches Leistungsverzeichnis mit den lediglich benötigten Positionen generiert werden. Zusätzlich basiert das Projekt-LV auf den geplanten Mengen sowie den hinterlegten Preisen/AZW, was wiederum eine Kalkulationssicherheit für den Auftraggeber beinhaltet.

Truth and lies ?!

The accounting between business partners in the field of plant engineering and construction (maintenance / project) covers several aspects. At present the most common accounting options are to settle by scores (standard hourly rates/expenses) or to take a fixed price for a defined amount of work. In both cases there
is pre-programmed a sustainable overreaching of the customer.

In case of „invoicing according to administration hours“ it comes out that additional costs of 30 to 45 per cent, in case of fixed prices minimum 15 to 30 per cent will arise compared to the accounting based on standard service catalogues. Above all, these common ways of accounting do not allow a precise cost planning by the specialist departments or by the customer‘s purchasing department - in contrast to the accounting based on standard service lists. This applies also to the pretended fixed price contract. In almost all cases there are coming up so called additional requirements by the business partners and this makes the original budget planning obsolet

The monitoring by measurement based on standard service catalogues offers profitable perspectives to the customer in form of significant savings of time, money and man power. Especially the permanent transparency is an invaluable advantage before, during and after the project phase - in contrast to the ancestral settlement types. Therefore standard service catalogues of all lots - up to date and tailored to the specific demands of enterprises and plants - are required.

A service catalogue shall reproduce all occurring works and services of each single lot. Essential is the fact that all recorded positions listed in the catalogue are offering a price guarantee to the customers and de contractors as well and therefore are allowing a precise pre-calculation and also an accurate post-calculation.

The IBW GmbH supports its customers with the necessary standard service catalogues of all lots and branches which may be used in the standard way and also can be adapted or amended.

To implement the accountment by measurement, the application of an invoicing software based on standard service catalogues is absolutely necessary. It is to be realized that standard software would not suffice. Measurement accountment in plant engineering demands custom-made solutions. The shared access to the same information considering role systems is, besides of the simplicity of such systems, the decisive factor.

The very little start-up effort pays off: the customer‘s planning, project management and maintenance as well can benefit from the informational advantage.