Planning according to standard service specifications - transparency results in more efficiency!

As a rule, planning is carried out by planning offices or our own planners. The work of the individual trades is subcontracted by the project management or, depending on the scope, put out to tender.

In individual cases, planning is outsourced to a framework contract partner for the relevant trade, who charges the client for this service together with the complete execution of the work. The obvious disadvantage is a considerable lack of price transparency for the client.
The inclusion of standard service specifications in the planning of projects provides the client with exact information on the expected budgeting. In addition, there is always the possibility of making tenders more effective and more price-safe, since the costs of the work to be performed are therefore fixed in the respective standard service specifications.

Conclusion: By using trade-specific standard service specifications, the maximum costs for external services are fixed, which means that cost planning is much more precise, to the benefit of the client.

Planning of maintenance work /projects

Planning of measurement activities (day-to-day or preventativ operations) and also for projects based on standard service catalogues at the measurement online portal have the advantage that the precise and maximum expenses für external services can be calculated and the budgets needed can be determined. In addition the customer has got an adequate traceability and documentation as well as audit compliance.

Furthermore a planning supported by the measurement online service offers, besides the planning costs for the single lots, a time scheme of external services, if the standard service catalogue calculates with working time values.

The special advantage of planning by measurement is the automatic determination of the necessary material in advance. Out of a measurement plan a bill of required material can be genereated at any time.

Concerning recurring scheduled activities, the plans once created by measurement online portal may be consulted anytime. This means: in the ideal case a plan may be copied one to one for new works tob e performed. At this point a clear and apparent advantage for the customer is existing, particularly beneficial to standstills, inspection routines or turnarounds.

If required, a planning measurement may serve as a completement of a work assignment or may offer further information about the works to be provided (description, quantity structure etc.) for tenders.