Expert consultation about accounting by measurement

An optimal solution needs a neutral, professional and detailed consult. Considering business management point of views as well as IT-technical parameters, we should like to advise you on this theme to realize solutions for Your company which comply the requirement of economic profitability.

We inform in details about questions around standard service catalogues in use, about the developement of standard service catalogues, about measurement accounting and about our measurement platform.

Interested? We like to answer your questions. Besides we offer a neutral analysis of your enterprise environment to implement measurement accounting based on a standard service catalogue or based on VOB (from submission to invoicing) as well as general practises of accounting external services.

Furtheron we explore the processes employed looking for improvement potential and present the results as a rough concept to your disposal.

Concerning the implementation of optimising concepts we should like to accompany you to achieve the results at its best. Time and effort for such kinds of analysis depend on the profoundness, on the topics and, when indicated, are to be discussed and determined on site.