Measurementportal (VOB) - for energy providers for example

Our economic solution for accounting effected performances after submission.

The measurements take place online via the internet-based measurement platform exclusively. After assignment a contractor receives a personal authorisation which permits the access to the measurement platform and the contract service directory including awarding contracts during the period of validity. The contractor may record measurements, classified in projects and phases, release to control or review edited measurements.

For using the platform-independent measurement recording there are three input methods available:

  • + direct online recording at the measurement internet portal.
  • + offline recording supported by an excel chart which will be recorded on site and transferred later online into the measurement portal databases.
  • + measurement paper printed form which is to be completed handwritten on site and, using PC or notebook, transferred to the measurement portal database manually.

For controlling or archival storing the assigned contractor may generate measurement prints or control calculations at any time. As soon as a measurement is recorded completely and all achievement proof documents are deposited on the portal account, the measurement may be released to the principal‘s control. Written achievement proofs like delivery slips, direction notes, isometrics, weight notes, wasre disposal documents, return delivery proofs and more will be attached to the measurement.

Being released the measurement is still visible but not changeable by the contractor. The state of control (approved or unapproved) is apparent at any time at the measurement portal account. After the control is completed, the contractor receives a message at his platform account. After approval and release invoicing can be started by the contractor. In doing so numbers and labelling of the project, measurement description and invoice amount have to be identical to the measurement portal datas.