Operating and standing instructions for plant construction

The type and number of tasks in plant engineering result from the overall process to be realized with the plant under specified boundary conditions. We offer standard operating, work, duration and special instructions for the processes involved in ongoing operation (maintenance) and engineering/project for all trades. These can be adopted directly by the customer or specially adapted.

We can offer our customers a wide range of standard operating instructions on maintenance processes to material procurement, as well as checklists as required.

Measurement and billing guidelines for all trades in plant construction

Likewise, we have a detailed standard billing guidelines for all trades in the field of plant construction such as:

  • General regulations and instructions
  • Description of delivery and services
  • Measurement
  • Measurement and billing
  • Measurement and indication of basic prices/factors
  • Elements of pricing
  • Invoicing at hourly rate (direct cost)
  • Billing by time and material (fixed price)
  • Verification of the services

We will be happy to provide you with further details on our services on request.