Since 1991 we are engaged in solutions for accounting systems by measurement with business partners for plant engineering as well as for (building) construction (based on German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB)). Thanks to the commitment of our employees we have completed all our projects successfully to the full satisfaction of our customers.

For plant engineering we offer Standard Service Catalogues with time values or currency information for every lot, which contains extra charges for material, free height, hardship or other allowances, generating an optimal basis of the accounting procedures with the subcontractors.

In addition to creation and optimizing of Standard Service Catalogues, our measurement online portal provides the optimal solution for using the Standard Service Catalogues. Measurements generated and accounts drawn up by assistance of our measurement online portal offer detailed possibilities of evaluation and reporting up to a single position or components to the user.

Completing this, we also offer our customers project-related engineering, installation surveillance, measurement monitoring, accounting and cost controlling including the necessary documentation.

We cooperate with specialists working in the sectors of sales and distribution, process enhancement, interim management and IT. In this combination we recognize and open potentials unused so far. The basic approach is always the same - „as simple and comprehensible as possible“. It is always our ultimate goal to make us superfluous as soon as possible. A long-term cooperation is not excluded but comes as the result usually.